JCB working wonders with the Leica Builder 509

Measuring boom movements with the Leica Builder 509

Since taking the Builder 509 total station on board last year JCB world headquarters are full of praise for this versatile yet rugged measuring device.

Bob Duncan (research) who has had nothing but praise about the success of using the builder stated “We should have done this some time ago. Since investing, we immediately started to see the benefits; such as accuracy, speed of process, ease of data collection and, of course, onsite safety.


JCB, a world leading manufacturer of construction machinery,  have purchased the Leica Builder 509 to measure their boom movements when a machine is extended at different lengths on a tilt table, this is to establish breaking points for manufacturer specifications and safety regulations before machines are released for purchase.

Old methods, such as climbing over and around the machine with tape have proven not only difficult but also dangerous. James Phillips, Technical Advisor at Trade Survey, worked with JCB  to determine that this was the correct model for the job, and we have fully supported the application from start to finish.

We wish Bob and his colleagues all the best for the future and will continue to offer our support through servicing and technical expertise.

Bob Duncan (first left) and his colleagues at JCB

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