Leica Builder Total Station Series

Not just for foremen

Leica Builder Series

The Perfect entry level Total Station and easily affordable. For anybody working on or around a site with the need of a simple, intuitive, yet innovative, long-lasting and powerful measuring tool. With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems has designed a perfectly tailored tool for every construction job. Regardless of your profession, Builder will amazingly accelerate your work flow. From simple tasks to professional all-day use, the Builder Series offers a scalable product family that exactly meets your needs.

What is a total station and why do I need one?

A total measuring station is a tool that can meet all of your measuring, surveying and setting out requirements all combined into a new easy to use multifunctional device.  Saving time and resources, you can say goodbye to measuring tapes and theodolites, the Leica Builder total station replaces them all.  The Leica Builder is designed for all industries, and skill levels.  No formal surveyor training is required as the Leica Builder uses easy to use language and graphical interfaces making your job quicker and easier.

A Leica Builder total station is apically aware.  From a control line or co-ordinates the Leica Builder knows the exact position of a single point by understanding the elevation(height), the direction or bearing and the measured distance to that point.  The measuring options are therefore limitless. Book an onsite demonstration today call 0800 292 2188.

The Leica builder total station makes your job easier

Leica Rugby 100 - footings and foundations

Setting Profile Boards

The new Leica Builder can transfer alignments to and from boards or store the data in the memory of the unit to transfer to a pc of use at a later date.

Leica Rugby 100 - depth control of sub-base

Volume calculations

How much m3 did you really move today? What is the volume of concrete required? How to I cut to formation, what volume to I need to fill or remove?  The Leica builder can quickly calculate and monitor progress.

Leica Rugby 100 - levelling forms

Area calculations

What is the area of that roof? How gig is the dormer? How many tiles or solar panels do I require?  How much tarmac is needed for the parking areas? Will those widows fit?  The Leica Builder can accurately calculate the areas even in hard to reach locations or on sloping surfaces simply and easily and accurately.

Leica Rugby 100 - 2 year warranty

Line Layout

Columns, formwork, greenhouses, racking, fencing lines structures or terraces the Leica Builder total station can do it.  Curves and slopes, the Leica Builder takes it in its stride.

Leica Rugby 100 - levelling forms

As Built Surveys

Stage builders, shop fitters, film crews, Landscapers, surveyors, architects, utility companies, facade designers the list is endless.  The Leica Builder can quickly and easily measure, record the as built structures to an amazing level of accuracy.  Graphical screen displays make this process quicker and easier.

Leica Rugby 100 - 2 year warranty

Height transfer

Transferring of reference heights, defining datum lines, marking ground floor elevations and checking remote heights the Leica Builder can do this at the click of a button.

Leica Builder Series Multiple Tasks – One Product: View full range of applications >>

Check and quality assurance and safety:  Is the formwork vertical? Is there sufficient clearance between the crane and the roof structures?  What height is the power cable or access bridge?  Are the walls parallel?  Is the drainage at the correct fall or grade?  As this a true 90 degree angle?  These are all standard features for the Leica Builder Total Station.

The benefits of the Leica Builder Series:

Benefits Popular with
Easy to use Architects
Distance and angle combined Surveyors
Clear graphical display Landscape designers
Reflectorless, 1 man operation Building contractors
Data storage, import /export via USB Solar panel installers
Easy setting out / stake out Engineers
Indoor / outdoor use Industrial window / facade installer
1.5mm accuracy over 100 meters Shop fitters
Measure area / volume Stage & structure engineers
Bluetooth capability Archeologists
Stake out Town & country planners

Leica Builder Series - Overview

Leica Rugby 100 - footings and foundations

Leica Laser Technology

Excellent signal strength and pinpoint accuracy, where you need it most. This enables precise measurement to corners and edges.

Leica Rugby 100 - depth control of sub-base

Data exchange via USB stick or Bluetooth

Easy, cable free transfer of data, simply load new plans on site.

Leica Rugby 100 - levelling forms

PowerSite software

Professionals appraise the Builder's on-board programs designed to be the right tool for every job. Fast to learn and easy to use.

Leica Rugby 100 - 2 year warranty

Large illuminated screen

Simple, clear & intuitive graphical interface and best in class display technology. Visible in all light conditions.

The Leica Builder Series

Leica Builder 100 Leica Builder 100 - if you need to trust angles and alignments
With a laser plummet for simple and fast setup over control line, dual axis compensation for accurate plumbing, endless drives eliminating steps, audible notice for 90° turns, graphical leveling aid for fast and convenient setup and IP55 rating, the Leica Builder 100 is an outstanding theodolite.
Leica Builder 200 Leica Builder 200 - when tapes are a thing of the past
Traditional layouts require many steps and manipulations. The Leica Builder reduces these steps. As such the Leica Builder 200 adds benefit by reducing the number of set-ups and offers laser-aided layouts up to 80m/260ft. Its serial interface allows connection to any 3rd party device/program. 3 languages loadable.
Leica Builder 300 Leica Builder 300 - when a construction plan goes digital
Call up plan data and record points eliminates read and write errors, data exchange via industrial grade USB stick simplifies data handling, a direct DXF download function, tracking mode, setup any-where function, optional volumes calculation and laser distance measurements up to 120m/400ft make the Leica Builder 300 a real workhorse.
Leica Builder 400 Leica Builder 400 - if performance makes the deal
With an extended working range to prisms of up to 500m/1600ft (optional 3500m/2.2mi), a full alpha-numeric keyboard for rapid entry/recall of point numbers (cell phone style use), short range laser distance measurements with 15m/50ft for quick as-builts of inaccessible points and a huge memory of 50’000 points, Leica Builder 400 is the high performer in its league.
Leica Builder 500 Leica Builder 500 - when versatility meets efficiency
The “flagship” of the Leica Builder Series equipped with all of the above features plus wireless communication via Bluetooth, full laser distance measurements up to 250m/820ft and up to 1.5mm accuracy at 100m covers the full range of tasks to be performed on any construction site. An -30°C option is available additionally.
Leica Builder Series

Discover the Leica Builder for your task.

Builder Specifications Leica Builder 100 Leica Builder 200 Leica Builder 300 Leica Builder 400 Leica Builder 500
Full Power Site Software
Wireless Communication
Prism Measurement Mode
Full alphanumeric keyboard
Volumes Calculation
Data Im/Export to USB Stick
PC/Handheld Interface
Laser Distance Measure
Control Line Setup
3 Languages
Leveling Aid
Dual Axis Compensator
Laser Plummet
Li-Ion Batteries
Internal Memory [points] - - 15'000 50'000 50'000
Angular Accuracy 9'', 6'' 9'', 6'' 9'', 6'' 9'', 5'' 9'', 5'', 3''
Distance without reflector (90% reflective) - 80 m 120 m 15 m 250 m
Distance to reflective tape (60mm x 60mm) - 250 m 250 m 15 m 250 m
Distance to glass prism - - - 500 (3500) m 500 (3500) m

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Leica Builder Series

Leica Builder Series

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