Agatec SmartRod - digital laser receiver and staff

Innovation: increasing accuracy and reducing leveling survey times

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The Smart Rod is a revolution in laser receivers for use with rotary laser levels. Now you can survey elevations 4 times faster with the SmartRod laser receiver and integrated digital leveling staff. The new SmartRod instantly detects the laser beam anywhere on the receiver and and gives the user an accurate digital readout on the SmartRod LCD display. No staff / rod-reading errors, and no tedious calculations for cut-and-fill, just push a button and read it directly on the LCD! The SmartRod: a true innovation to save surveying time and add to measuring accuracy.

Agatec SmartRod Receiver - Overview

Agatec SmartRod - receiver LED indicatorsTraditional way

  1. Find the beam within 6 cm.
  2. Find the center of the beam.
  3. Elevation must be read on the rod. It requires knowledge in reading graduation rods.
  4. Must calculate manually.
Agatec SmartRod - receiver LED indicators

SmartRod way

  1. Find the beam within 16.5 cm
  2. No need to find the center
  3. Elevation is directly given as a number
  4. The SmartRod does the calculation and shows the result
Agatec SmartRod - receiver LED indicators

Why is it unique?

SmartRod is a laser receiver built into a telescoping rod, with unique features that eliminate the usual calculations required when using a receiver on a grade rod.

  1. Quick to catch the laser beam
  2. Time saving
  3. Innovative & precise
Agatec SmartRod - receiver LED indicators

Why Smart?

Look at its head!

Window (reception area) is so much larger!16.5 cm on the SmartRod vs. only 6 cm on a standard detector.

Linear Receiving Technology (LRT): The beam has only to touch some part of the window; it does not need to be in the center. The SmartRod“finds” the center.

Agatec SmartRod - receiver LED indicators

Smarter & faster than a standard detector.

With a detector, the user must find the beam first (so that the beam is hitting the detector’s reception window), then has to go up and down some more to get the center of the detector right on the beam.

Agatec SmartRod - receiver LED indicators

Tape measure mode

Measure heights up to 4 m / 13' 4" m in tape measure mode.


LEDs indicate direction

Digital Cut-and-Fill

LEDs indicate direction

The SmartRod is a laser receiver built into a telescoping rod, with unique features that eliminate the usual calculations required when using a receiver on a grade rod. It provides a digital readout in three modes: basic elevation readings, cut-and-fill calculations, and height and width measurements (tape measuring mode, not requiring a laser). It can receive reference elevation information from all rotating lasers.


  • LCD showing elevation, measurements, settings, and status of functions
  • Cut-and-fill mode that indicates how far a measurement is from a previous reference reading
  • Choice of units: metric; ft/10ths/100ths; and ft/inches/16ths
  • Uses linear receiving technology and has a wide 165mm (6.5”) reception range for capturing the beam quickly.

The benefits of the Agatec SmartRod receiver:

Benefits Popular with
Range: 3 m / 9' 10" to working range of laser General construction
Accuracy: ±2.5 mm / ±3/32”
Range of reading elevations: from 0.99m (3.2‘) to 4.02 m (13.2‘)
Units: metric, feet/10ths/100ths,feet/inches/16ths  
Beam capture angle: 120° minimum  
Beam capture height: 165 mm (6.5"), dependent on laser and distance  
Detectable laser beam: Visible and infrared (610nm to 780 nm)
Automatic shut-off: after 5 minutes (no use)
IP54 for water and dust resistance

Agatec SmartRod questions, and many general questions regarding the practical use of our laser measuring devices on our FAQ's page. For free friendly advice simply call 0845 2572188 and ask for a Leica DISTO ™ product specialist or email

What is included?

Agatec SmartRod

Agatec SmartRod receiver

  • User manual
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  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Trade in options available (call and ask for details)
  • Multiple purchase deals available

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