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HSG47: Avoiding danger from underground services


HSG47: Avoiding danger from underground services

By law, breaking ground requires the use of a cable locating device to obtain accurate information about the location of buried utilities in order to protect employees and equipment during any excavation project.

DX Manager Shield Software

DX Manager Shield: Visualise and report on locator use and site documentation in near real time.
  • Centralised, accessible information
  • Processes and reports on the locator usage information
  • Holds all site documentation e.g. health and safety forms
  • Keeps all site photos logged in the project folder
Standard, Pro or Expert levels, there’s a version that’s right for your business

DX Office Shield Software

Leica DX Office Shield is a Windows based software package for Leica DD Smart Locators & DA Signal Transmitters. This FREE software provides product configuration & usage reports. Download & install DX Office Shield on your PC - FREE Download (zip)

Signal Transmitter Extension Cable

£26.00 Price incl. VAT: £31.20
Used to extend the signal transmitters red or black connection cable.
  • 10m (32.8ft) supplied on reel

Leica A100 Li-ion Battery Charger

£39.00 Price incl. VAT: £46.80
Li-ion Battery charger for the Rugby 600 and 800 series laser levels. 110-240V Supplied with:
  • International Charger Adapter

Car Adapter Cable

£39.00 Price incl. VAT: £46.80
Car Adapter Cable - 797750

Carry Bag – DD220 & DD230 Locators

£59.00 Price incl. VAT: £70.80
For DD220 & DD230 Locators
Locator can be used within the bag for protection on site.

Carry Bag – DD120 & DD130 Locators

£59.00 Price incl. VAT: £70.80
For DD120 & DD130 Locators.
Locator can be used within the bag for protection on site.

System Carry Bag

£64.00 Price incl. VAT: £76.80
System carry bag for locators, signal transmitters and accessories.

Property Plug Connector

£146.00 Price incl. VAT: £175.20
Plugs into domestic wall socket to provide a safe connection when used with the signal transmitter and locator to trace electrical utilities.
  • Operates at 33kHz.
  • UK wall sockets

Li-ion Battery Pack

£175.00 Price incl. VAT: £210.00
For Leica Detect DD Locators or DA Signal Transmitter range.
  • 7.2Ah

Signal Clamp 100mm

£245.00 Price incl. VAT: £294.00

100m Signal Clamp

  • Used in conjunction with signal transmitter & locator
  • For locating & tracing the path of a specific utility
  • Operates at 33kHz