Leica TPD 100 Kit - Target Mount Kit

Leica TPD 100 kit

£162.00 Price incl. VAT: £194.40

Leica TPD 100 Kit - Target Mount Kit

Target plate and pole for improved targeting using Laser Distance Meters with a digital pointfinder over long distances or outdoors.

The pole and bubble enables measurement on landmarks and helps with the performance of basic surveying tasks using a Leica DISTO.

Protimeter ReachMaster Pro

Protimeter ReachMaster Pro BLD5777

£669.00 Price incl. VAT: £802.80
Non-invasive moisture meter enabling the rapid assessment of moisture conditions in buildings.
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Flooring inspection
  • Home inspection
  • EIFS inspection
  • Rubber roof leak detection
  • Fiberglass marine hull inspection
Supplied with:
  • Protimeter ReachMaster Pro
  • Spare abrasion plate
  • Semi rigid carry case
  • 2 year warranty

Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager

Acoustic imaging with SoundSight™ Technology
  • Reduce leak detection time
  • Lower energy costs
  • Ensure proper air pressure to pneumatic equipment
  • Improve reliability in your production line
  • Make leak detection part of your typical maintenance routine
  • Validate repairs on the spot
  • Easy to use - minimal training needed
Supplied with:
  • Fluke ii900 Imager
  • AC power supply & battery pack charger | Universal AC adapters
  • USB cable | Rugged Li-ion Smart Battery Packs (x2) | Rubber array covers (x2)
  • Adjustable hand strap & adjustable neck strap | Rugged, hard carry case

PLS HV2R Combo Kit – Alkaline

£849.00 Price incl. VAT: £1,018.80
Vertical and Horizontal Rotary Construction Laser Kit
  • Vertical and horizontal levelling planes with plumb up laser dot on top
  • Working range with XLD digital receiver 300M
  • Automatic Self-levelling range ± 5º | 1m drop tested
  • 60 hour operating time (4 x D cell batteries)
  • Remote control (RC2) working range 30M
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • All items fit into hard carry case
Supplied with:
  • PLS HV2R laser | XLD Digital Receiver
  • Alkaline Battery Holder | 4 x D Cell Batteries
  • Remote Control | Red Target plate
  • Hard Carry Case | Tripod | Staff
Leica DX Office Shield Software - FREE Download

DX Office Shield Software

Leica DX Office Shield is a Windows based software package for Leica DD Smart Locators & DA Signal Transmitters. This FREE software provides product configuration & usage reports. Download & install DX Office Shield on your PC - FREE Download (zip)
Leica Lino L2G Lithium

Leica LINO L2G Alkaline

  • Range up to 35m* >80m with detector
  • 2 green laser lines - horizontal & vertical - exact 90° angle 
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2 mm/m
  • Robust spray proof / dust protected IP54
  • Operating time: < 7h
  • Battery type: Alkaline
Supplied with:
  • Lino L2G Alkaline Line Laser
  • Leica TWIST 250 Adapter
  • Alkaline battery tray & batteries
  • Target plate, Soft carry case
  • Safety instructions & Quick Start with QR code linking to online manual
  • 3 year warranty
DX Manager Shield Software

DX Manager Shield Software

DX Manager Shield: Visualise and report on locator use and site documentation in near real time.
  • Centralised, accessible information
  • Processes and reports on the locator usage information
  • Holds all site documentation e.g. health and safety forms
  • Keeps all site photos logged in the project folder
Standard, Pro or Expert levels, there’s a version that’s right for your business
Leica EZiCAT i750

Leica EZiCAT i750

£812.50 Price incl. VAT: £975.00
  • SMART Technology: Depth Indication | Data Logging | GPS
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Analyse data with LOGiCAT VU software
  • Depth Detection: 3m (9.99m with sonde)
  • IP66 Rated
Supplied with:
  • EZiCAT i750
  • 2 year warranty

PLS 180R Z

£139.00 Price incl. VAT: £166.80

Vertical and horizontal red cross line laser for both interior and exterior applications.

  • 8hr battery life
Supplied with:
  • PLS 180R Z laser | Nylon pouch
  • Magnetic l-bracket
  • 3 x AA alkaline batteries
Laserliner DuoView Camera

Laserliner DuoView Camera

Camera unit for VideoFlex with additional side camera and lighting

  • Front and side camera for quick change of view
  • 9mm head
  • Focus - Front: F3 cm - F5 cm / Side: F1 cm - F5 cm
  • IP67 rated
Supplied with:
  • 4 Year Warranty
Laserliner VarioView Camera

Laserliner VarioView Camera

Camera unit for VideoFlex with manual adjustable camera head

  • Adjustable pivot range of 180°
  • 17mm head
  • Focus 3 - 7cm
  • IP67 rated
Supplied with:
  • 4 Year Warranty