Leica Rugby 55

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The Leica Rugby 55 self leveling laser level is a great choice for internal and external leveling or alignment job. The Leica Rugby 55 is compact but packed with a large range of easy to use features. The highly visible red laser beam is best in class for clarity brightness. The Leica rugby 55 automatically self levels in a horizontal and vertical position and sports a 90o plumb laser for accurate setting out of foundations and brickwork, interior partitions and structures. The Leica Rugby 55 laser level has variable rotational head speeds, selectable scanning modes when working in specific areas, a bright red beam and optional external laser detectors, or remote controls.

Leica Rugby 55 - Features at a glance

The benefits of the Leica Rugby 55 laser measure:

Benefits Popular with
Operating range (rotating beam) 300m (1000ft)diameter Property Developers
Operating range (plumb beam) 60m (200ft) diameter Property tradesmen
Self-leveling Accuracy* ±2.6mm at 30m (±3/32” at 100 ft)  
Self-leveling Range ±5°  
Rotating Speeds 0. 2, 5, 10rps  
Automatic self-leveling mode.  
H.I. or Elevation Alert function  

Simple, one-button operation, fully automatic, general construction laser.

Leica Rugby 55 - Overview

Leica Rugby 55 - Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

With the Leica Rugby 55 mounted securely to the first piece of wall angle, set it to the desired height, adjust the ceiling grid using the laser beam on the target as the reference.

Leica Rugby 55 - Floor Layout

Floor Layout

Set up your Leica Rugby 55 over a control point using the unique Beam Down feature, then align the rotating or scanning beam to your second control point using the buttons on the Leica Rugby 55 or the remote control.

Leica Rugby 55 - Square forms


The top plumb beam is always 90o to the main beam. Set up and align the Leica Rugby 55 to two control points, and the top plumb beam will provide an easy to use, 90o reference.

Leica Rugby 55 - 2 year warranty

2 Year Warranty

Register the Leica Rugby 55 within 8 weeks after purchase to extend the warranty.
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Simple, one-button operation, fully automatic, general construction laser.

Always automatic, always self-leveling, the Leica Rugby 55 is designed to always turn on in automatic self-leveling mode. No concerns for setting up the laser incorrectly. Set up the Leica Rugby 55 within its wide leveling range, the instrument will automatically self-level and work can begin.

Following in tradition of the Rugby family ...rugged, reliable, accurate. The Leica Rugby 55 is the affordable “little brother” of the popular Leica Rugby 100. The Rugby 55 provides value where ever it is used. Work gets done faster and more accurately, providing savings in labor, time and materials. As a contractor, you know the values of lasers. Built to Leica Geosystems’ tough standards, you can trust the Leica Rugby 55 to provide you with the right tool to get the job done.

The Leica Rugby 55 construction laser, use for concrete forming, pad placement, setting foundations footings, depth control for excavations, basements checking elevations, machine automation.

Leica Rugby 55 - Scan-90


With the Leica Rugby 55 the scanning or stationary beam can be quickly positioned
in 90° increments ... making layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left of
right side of the Leica Rugby 55.

Leica Rugby 55 - Beam Down Mode

Beam Down Mode

By selecting zero rps with the head speed button, the rotating head automatically positions itself in a plumb down direction for alignment of the Leica Rugby 55 over a reference point.

Leica Rugby 55 - Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode

Pressing the Up and Down buttons together on the remote will put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode for two hours to save battery life without disturbing your setup.

Leica Rugby 55

Leica Rugby 55

  • RUGBY 55 Laser (3R) with standard case
  • ROD-EYE Plus sensor with bracket
  • Charger NiMH for RUGBY
  • AC power cable 2-pole UK, to charger
  • Battery NiMH Pack, RUGBY 50/55
  • FREE Leica Tripod + FREE staff
  • FREE next day delivery on all orders before 4.00pm
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Trade in options available (ask for details)
  • Peace of mind - you purchased the best

Leica Rugby 55 - Scope of Delivery

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  • 2 Year warranty
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